Bee Pollen Weight Loss Pills

Reading or just taking a look at some of the bee pollen weight loss pills on the Internet or even watching the videos about these products on YouTube, there is one thing that will strike you as soon as you realize what you're learning about. This is the fact that the real ingredients of such pills as well as their true quantities are seldom mentioned/ and you will scarcely learn what their source is. These are two vital elements which we will discuss later - This article is written with the purpose to warn you of the problems which you may face if you believe the advertisement. You will also learn what to look for in a good high-quality product. So, beware of what you're consuming.

The main problem of most weight loss pills is that all the ingredients will hardly help you to lose weight. Usually, they include: Wolfberry fruit, Chinese yam, Oolong tea, Dietary fiber, Lotus leaf, Hawthorn, Cassia and Mulberry leaves. The matter is that almost all these ingredients in the bee pollen weight loss pills have a purely laxative effect. They work as colon cleansers. In this way, you're guaranteed to see an immediate effect and even lose some weight! But you will not enjoy the results for a long time. It hasn't yet been proved that colon cleansers can effectively help with weight loss. However, some problems are constantly raised with the usage of such pills (read

There are no claims to the Chinese traditional medicine but there can emerge problems in learning the sources. For instance, some Chinese ingredients may be made from endangered animal species such as the tiger or may even contain harmful elements like mercury or arsenic. Let's take Chinese yam which can be effectively used for treating urogenital disorders, exhaustion and coughs. But it is completely of no use for obese people who dream of losing weight.

Only some 10% of Chinese supplements factories are anywhere near GMP standards. On the other hand, pharmaceutical companies in China tend to meet these standards -

Bee Pollen

As it was already mentioned, the actual amount of bee pollen is rarely mentioned in weight loss pills. However, if used in sufficient quantities it is perfect for weight loss as it can easily suppress an appetite due to the natural phenylalanine element it contains. Secondly, bee pollen effectively stops food cravings due to the variety of nutrients it offers. It can also normalize metabolism and help to burn fat. However, it should be remembered that bee pollen is effective if only combined with a good weight loss control program and not just taken alone.

As for the sourcing, probably the best place to get this wonderful supplement is New Zealand. It will be just great if you get it in the North west corner of South Island where a famous nature reserve is located. The pure winds from the Antarctic contribute to the production of the raw material. There are ideal climatic conditions there and you will know that there is no hype which can be often found when looking for the classic bee pollen weight loss pills online.